Obergurgl lies at the heart of the Ötztal Nature Park and makes an ideal starting point for all kinds of mountain activities. Basically anyone can become a hiker here: Choose from a wide range of marked trails and paths for high alpine glacier and high-altitude hikes to the numerous peaks standing three-thousand metres tall or easy walks through alpine roses, mountain pines and heather, stopping for a bite to eat at a cosy mountain hut and taking in the spectacular scenery.

If you’re looking for the all-round carefree package, hire a mountain guide or hop onto a cable car or bus to get up to the top.

No matter your preference when it comes to hiking, one thing is for sure: Your soul and mind will find inner peace and your body will draw new strength and energy. As a matter of fact, the altitude in the mountains gently strengthens the cardiovascular system. What a simple way to turn a holiday into a rejuvenating treatment!